Scallop Corn Chowder


5 Slices Good Quality Bacon, cut into small pieces
24 Scallops
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 Brown Onion, sliced
500 grams Kipfler Potatoes, peeled and sliced into rings
1/2 cup Dry White Wine
1 cup Chicken Broth (stock)
1/2 cup Pure Cream
1 cup Corn Kernels
1/4 cup Parsley, chopped


Step 1. In a large pan cook bacon until crisp, transfer to paper lined plate.
Step 2. Use excess fat from bacon once hot to sear seasoned scallops until
golden (approx 2 minutes per side) transfer to plate with bacon.
Step 3. Add onion to pan once scallops are removed and cook slightly then add
potatoes, wine, stock and cream, simmer gently until potatoes are cooked.
Step 4. Add scallops and corn, heat through and top with bacon
and parsley.

“Note” serve with garlic brushed baguette that has been sliced and baked
until golden and crunchy in oven.