White’s Bugs

How to boil raw bugs

6 Medium Raw Bugs

Place bugs into a pot of salted, boiling water. Bring back to the boil.
When boiling simmer for 8 – 10 minutes. Remove bugs and place
immediately into a pre prepared ice bath until chilled. Prepare bugs
(see below) and serve with sliced bread and seafood cocktail sauce.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Preparing Bugs

Place bug on cutting board so it’s legs are in the air. Using a stiff
bladed knife cut from the centre point down through the head,
then turn the bug 180 degrees and cut from the same centre point
down through the tail. Remove the digestive tract that runs through
the centre of the tail meat.

If using raw bugs in a recipe prepare whilst raw then cook as per
method. If boiling raw bugs always cook whole, chill then prepare.