Mussel & Scallop Recipes

White’s Seafood Paella


Serves 2 


80 grams "El Soccarat" paella rice

1 tsp "LM" paella seasoning

200ml Fish stock

1 Clove of garlic (diced)

30gms, diced:



Red capsicum


20gms Chorizo ( sliced)

50gms White Fisherie's Marinara mix

6-10 Mussels ( Cleaned)

Salt & Pepper to taste


3-4 Whole Cooked Prawns

Chopped continental parsley

Lemon wedges



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In a paella pan or frying pan, add onion and garlic in olive oil, cook until soft

Add chicken, chorizo & fry gently for 5 minutes

Add rice, paella seasoning and fish stock

Add tomato, capsicum, marinara mix, and continue to cook on a very low simmer

Place mussels into your paella after 15 Minutes

Cook until all the liquid has been absorbed, then remove from heat and cover with foil for 10 minutes

Serve and add your garnishes






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