Mussel & Scallop Recipes

White’s Chunky Smokey Seafood Chowder


2 x 500 Grams Mures Somkey Fish Chowder

250 Grams Squid Rings (cut in half)

300 Grams Diced Fish Pieces

16 Scallops

16 Raw Prawn Cutlets (tails removed)

2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

Salt and Pepper to Season

2 Cups Rice

* Fish can be a favourite or our mixed fish pieces sold in store


Heat 1/4 oil in large wok or deep frying pan.

Cook off fish pieces and set aside.

Repeat this method with scallops, prawns and squid.

Combine all cooked ingredients into wok over medium heat and add mures smokey fish chowder.

When hot reduce heat to low and simmer.

Next cook rice as per packet instructions.

At half way point of rice being cooked, remove chowder from heat and set aside.

Place equal amounts of fully cooked rice into serving bowls.

Spoon liquid from chowder mix into each bowl to expose all chunky ingredients.

Equally share these onto rice then pour any extra liquid over the top.

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