What areas do you service?

White Fisheries is based in the heart of the Bellarine Peninsula at Drysdale and we service the whole Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and surrounding regions with our wholesale seafood and retail seafood products.

I’m worried about eating our fish stocks. Is it a sustainable industry?

It is understandable people are concerned about fish stocks yet it is the goal of the Australian fishing industry to be sustainable. This is not only important for the environment and to protect species, it makes sound business sense as well. The Australian Fishing Industry monitors this closely. As a consumer you can help by selecting a variety of seafood and choosing seafood in season.

What’s the best way to store fresh seafood?

Storing fresh seafood is simple. Keep it cool (between 0°C and 4ºC). Remove packaging and place in a baking dish or similar, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge. Cook and eat within two days of purchase.

How do I store frozen seafood?

To keep your seafood frozen longer simply wrap and seal the fish in a plastic freezer bag. Lay flat to ensure it freezes evenly. Label the package with date of purchase and date of freezing. Do not refreeze once thawed. To thaw – thaw naturally in the fridge overnight.

I never know how much fresh fish or fresh shellfish to buy. Can you help?

This depends on how you are preparing and serving the fish. A whole baked snapper weighing 1.5kg to 2kg will easily feed a family of four. With fillets, all of the purchased weight will be recovered once cooked. Shellfish varies depending on the species and preparation. We usually recommend:

Seafood type Serving per person
Whole fish 300-400g
Fillets 150-250g
Steaks/Cutlets 200-250g
Oysters ½ – 1 dozen
Scallops 80 – 120g
Peeled prawns 80 – 120g