January 9, 2018

As previously discussed wholesale supply of Pacific Oysters from Tasmania has been very inconsistent during summer. POMS (Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome) has resulted in oyster farmers losing, in some cases, up to 70% of growing stock making supply during peak times extremely hard. Up until now, White Fisheries has been able to supply fresh Oysters in our retail shop without issue but we are forecasting a potential period where oysters may be unavailable during the second half of Summer. Stock that is available to purchase is 100% FINE and no issues will result from consumption.

We also stock pacific oysters grown in South Australia and generally have those for sale along with the Tasmanian oysters but the demand placed on this stock has also contributed to shortages.

As supply will vary from week to week on both Tasmanian and S.A oysters we are unable to predict when oysters will or wont be available in our retail shop day to day but will be doing our best to shore up stock for sale as best we can.