Time To Put In Your Christmas Order

November 8, 2017

Christmas is now only 6 weeks away so it’s time to start thinking about placing your Seafood orders. A sample order sheet is available to download on our webpage as well as our trading hours for the Xmas – New Year period. Listed below we have provided some important information about the festive season to make things a little easier to understand.

  • In order to purchase seafood for Xmas you do NOT have to place an order with us, but can simply shop in store as you normally would (we get a lot of customers each year who think that if they don’t place an order then they can’t purchase seafood) our shop will be fully stocked ready for you with or without an order
  • Our trading hours list and sample order sheet are on the first page of this website
  • Fresh fish and items not listed on the order sheet can still be ordered but need to be in 1kg lots and will be priced at Xmas week market price
  • Due to POMS virus (Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome) oyster prices have risen significantly this year. Stock has been in short supply but we do hope that we can continue to provide pacific oysters during the summer period
  • Recent poor King Prawn catch rates have also resulted in price increases this year. Although slightly more expensive than last year supply and quality is assured