Recent Outbreak of White Spot in Prawns

March 28, 2017

White Spot disease has recently been detected in both imported raw prawn products as well as in wild caught QLD prawns. This detection has led to a total importation ban of all raw prawn products until July this year. In order to ensure that our wholesale customers can continue to receive prawns we have been working hard with our suppliers to sure up enough stock to keep kitchens busy until the ban is lifted. White Spot does not affect humans in any way and only kills prawns so we would encourage you to keep enjoying your favorite prawn dishes when eating out. Be assured also that when purchasing QLD prawns from our retail shop that we are working extremely hard to source the best possible stock available so that you can continue to eat beautiful raw or cooked Aussie prawns. Quality will not be compromised although the price of these prawns has risen steadily since Xmas.